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SHE BUILDS “GREEN” is a very unique construction company. First, it’s a woman owned company. Second, Judi knows the trade and works alongside her crew. I have been in the real estate and construction field for 24 years. At first I was my husbands’ real estate agent who bought our properties while he either remodeled them or rebuilt them and then I re-sold them.

As a husband and wife team, you get 2 contractors for the price of one. The best of both sexes. Judi states that he's the "He" in "She." I'm the brains and he's the brawn. We work great together because we do what we love to do.

SHE BUILDS “GREEN” was established 2 years ago after I continually questioned, why do homes use more energy and why does the occupants have health related issues, in some homes than the same home next door ? I came to a conclusion that the majority of homes were sick. Although, occupant behavior had much to do with their utility consumption, such as one home had many plasma TV’s, their A/C and lights were on all day and they watered daily even in the rain versus the house next door had LCD TV’s, had a thermostat that registered when their A/C went on, all their light bulbs where compact florescent and they were conscience of turning off their lights when they were not in the room or not needed and they had drought tolerant plants and turf which were watered 5-10 minutes every other day. (Do you know that according to the Dept of Energy that our buildings use 40% of our total energy consumption and 72% of our electricity consumption. I am sure that you noticed while driving at night that our buildings, office lights are on and so is their A/C and heat.) Besides occupant behavior, I noticed that homes worked like our bodies. Every organ, gland, blood… needs to work in conjunction with each other to keep it functioning and healthy. When you are ill, you go to a doctor give him your symptoms and his reply is,” we need to do some tests.”

So, I searched and found something called Building Science and that there were a very few Contractors that were trained in this field. These specially trained contractors are called Home Performance Contractors. Four years ago I looked at my husband and said, “I am stopping real estate for now, getting my contractors’ license, going back to school and going after the “green” niche. I am needed in this field and people need to know how their homes affect them.”

What is Home Performance?
Home Performance Simplified
Home Performance is the belief that buildings can and should be made safe, comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient. Putting building performance into practice requires a whole-house perspective. Having a certified contractor measure, calculate, and analyze a building, allows them to better understand the way your specific structure works and operates in order to recommend the best way to improve it without off-setting the balance of how it effects you.

Ask an insulation contractor, a heating tech, and a window salesperson the best way to warm up a cold room, and you may get three different answers. But a building performance contractor takes a whole-house perspective to assess the problem's causes and propose the most effective solution. Understanding the "house as a system" allows building performance contractors to solve problems that arise from interactions between the building's shell and mechanical systems.

Building scientists use a diagnostic approach to problem solving. Experience and observation, coupled with pressure diagnostics, infrared imaging, and combustion analysis, allow them to diagnose and correct the most challenging building performance problems.

The difference between an average house and a high-performance house often comes down to a contractor's willingness to "sweat the small stuff" that the customer never sees like air sealing, insulation, and ductwork.

The core concept is an emphasis on measurable results from performance testing. Performance testing also assures the customer that they have a safe, comfortable, durable, and efficient building when the work is completed.

"If you don't test, you don't know." Just like going to a doctor. Here is an example from one of our clients. The client complained of high utility bills, cold rooms, hot rooms, kid has asthma. After testing the house I found that the ducts were broken and they had no insulation in the attic or walls, there was no air sealing and they had water ponding in their crawlspace. The client was breathing in the contaminated air from animal urine, feces and decomposed carcass’ of the critters that got into the attic and the air was being forced in by their broken HVAC ducts and there was mold issues that came from moisture coming up from their crawlspace. We fixed the problems and now the home is comfortable all year round, the child no longer has asthma and their utility bill was reduced by 50%.

SHE BUILDS “GREEN” goal is to give the client a home that is healthy, safe, comfortable throughout the year and saves them a bundle of money on their utility bills by doing cost effective methods all the way to adding a Solar Array. Net zero would be great. My husband said, “A home could have low to no Utility bills and have their Electric Car runs off their solar array and have no gasoline bill either. Now that is change and we and our generations to come will benefit from that.”


She Builds Green - 18040 Rosita St., Encino, Ca. 91316 - 818-625-0987
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